Kojiro's Samurai Birthday

Monday, June 3, 2013

The little samurai has turned 3! To celebrate we hosted, of course, a samurai/ninja party per his request.

I did all the invitations and signage myself from a cute samurai vector I found online and had them printed. To keep the kiddies entertained we built a small obstacle course complete with an army crawl, egg and spoon walk, "lazers" and a gauntlet where the kids competed for the "best time."

The menu consisted of Japanese style treats: onigiri, rice crackers, edamame, gyozas, japanese sodas & iced coffee and master ramen chef Michael topped us off some delicious traditional style ramen!

A couple days before the party we made candy "sushi" boxes for the kids to take home. It was actually pretty easy! We used rice crispy treats, candy and black fondant sheets to decorate. I also found some bubble katana swords at my local Daiso store (best store in the world) that kept the kids entertained for a while.

No mexijap party is out complete without a pinata of course, compliments of my mom. She couldn't find a samurai ninja so she got the best next thing...spiderman! Filled with mexican candy of course.

We had such a fun day and Koji had a great time surrounded by his friends and family including his Godmother who surprised us all the way from Boston and my mom who came for the weekend.

Time to plan for the big 4! 

Or maybe we will just take a trip....

More pics on my facebook soon!

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