Veggie Time // Red Lentil + Carrot Tacos

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've been playing around a lot recently with vegetarian dinner options for me and the fam. I don't call myself a vegetarian because I will, should the occasion arise, indulge in good meat but I really don't like the taste of meat or chicken. I much prefer a creative dish made up of vegetables! This dish is inspired by the popular Cali "Taco Tuesday" trend. I buy most of my ingredients from Trader Joe's so if you're lucky to have one near you, I suggest using their brands for this recipe but all the ingredients are found anywhere. As always, using fresh veggies from the farmer's market makes every dish taste that much better. Simple, quick & kid approved.

What you'll need:
2 cup red lentils
2 cup chopped carrots
corn tortillas
olive oil
teriyaki sauce
vegetable stock
sour cream/plain yogurt (optional) salt + pepper

2 diced cherry tomatoes
1 cilantro bunch chopped
2 limes
1 small chopped white onion

[cole slaw]
1/2 head of cabbage, diced 1 lime salt + pepper 1. Mix all ingredients of your salsa and add salt + pepper to taste. You can also add some heat by using habanero or fresh jalapenos. In a separate bowl mix all ingredients of your cole slaw and chill in the fridge.

 2. Rinse and cook lentils as labeled with veggie stock, salt + pepper.

 3. Cook carrots in olive oil for about 3 minutes then add a couple table spoons of teriyaki sauce to caramelize. I like to keep them slightly crunchy!

 4. In a small pot, heat up 2 cups of olive oil and deep fry corn tortillas to make your own taco shells! I use tongs to shape. Drain and dry on paper towels.

Mix all your toppings in a warm taco shell and serve with sour cream or plain yogurt!