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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our wedding is now over, the honeymoon was amazing and now I can sleep in peace but I just have to share all the details of our entire experience and today I want to talk about the amazing and new squarespace.com.
I decided to do our wedding website on squarespace because I really wasn't convinced by all the "out of the box" wedding websites out there. Yea, squarespace took a little more work and you will definitely want to be a bit web savvy, but overall, I would recommend squarespace for a wedding website over most. It really gives you the most room to be creative in a seamless way. It's easy to learn (once you get the hang of it) and the basic templates are more than I could ask for. I was able to upload my own designs, which  if you're not a photoshop user, you could get from Etsy. Adding maps, pages, and photos was easy and I was even able to upload our videos easily!
On that note, let's start at the end and let you all see our honeymoon slideshow. It's cheesy and delightful. See it here or on our site video page!

Stay tuned for more of the full details of our wedding!

Check out our website akikoandmichael.squarespace.com here.

Enjoy xx

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