We're engaged!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Last month we got ENGAGED!
It was a total surprise for me although I've obviously known there would be an engagement in my near future. Michael had told me he was on a business trip to Chicago while I was on a trip to Tucson weeks before that night and even called me that night telling me he was in Chicago! My friends were all in on it and planned a dinner for all of us to get together. Despite hints from friends, I was oblivious to the fact that this was all planned in advance. After our first round of drinks he walked in carrying a tray with the second drink I had ordered. My first words were "what the fuck are you doing here?!" Little did I know there was also a gorgeous ring on that tray! He got down on one knee and we both started crying...it was perfection because Michael can never keep a secret from me.
Later that night we all went out to our favorite spot and our favorite DJ (DJ Herm) played The Stanky Leg, the first song we danced to the night I met Michael. The whole night was amazing, hilarious and full of love.
The ring is a beautiful 1920's natural sapphire stone in a white gold filagree setting. I am in LOVE and it's perfect.
So now it's time to do what I love to do...plan a party! We're planning to wed in a 3-day extravaganza in San Miguel Allende, Mexico in the fall of 2014. I will be posting all my wedding planning on the blog because it's gonna be awesome.


  1. Love your little family!! This is so awesome! I can't wait to see all your planning along the way ;) xo